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29.05.2017We invite the throat singers all over the world to the contest held in Altai

The International Kurultai - a festival of throat singers will take place in The Altai Republic in July 28 - 30. If you are a throat singer, on-stage performance group, as well as a researcher studying national traditions or performing art, welcome to the International Kurultai of throat singers.

The altai throat singing is called "khai". Every two years altai master throat singers – "kaichi" present their project at a Кurultai (assembly) organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Altai Republic to reunite the Turkic world.

The program of the festival includes contests on styles of throat singing and  art of story telling by throat singing. The participants from Russia and other countries can compete in different types of throat singing and demonstrate their national cultures.

This year the festival is devoted to the Year of Ecology in Russia and to the 90th anniversary of the famous altai throat singer Nikolai Yalatov.

Travel expenses are to be paid by the participants themselves. And the expenses for accommodation and meals are paid by the providers of the festival.

In order to enter the competition you need to send an application form to: rcnk2@mail.ru, fax number is +7 (38822) 21281 or +7 (38822) 21506.